Intro to Memberships

Generate recurring income through our membership feature.
Updated 2 years ago

What are Memberships?

Memberships allow you to generate recurring monthly revenue by offering recurring benefits to your customers. Memberships can be implemented with recurring interactions such as monthly group Zoom calls, access to a private community, or additional content that cannot be found elsewhere! Read more here.

How to set up a membership on Jemi

  1. Go the the Commerce > My Membership tab
  2. Determine the title and description for your membership
  3. Create tiers with different monthly prices and benefits. Read this guide for tips.
  4. Write a welcome message for new members!
  5. Go back to the website builder
  6. Add the "Membership block" where you want the button for your Membership to appear

Where do I see all my members?

You can track all members by going to the Community > Members tab.

If you still have questions, you can email us at or join our Discord to chat with the Jemi team and meet other Jemi users. 

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