Remove Jemi Branding

Written by Ann Hwang
Updated 1 year ago

Removing Jemi Branding

To remove the Jemi logo at the bottom of your website, go to the "Website" tab on the top right, and under "Advanced Settings", find the "Jemi Branding" setting. Click "Configure" and "Disable".

You'll have to be on the Pro or Business plan to be able to do this.


Website Domain

Viewing & Editing your Jemi Domain / URL

You can find your website link by going to the "Website" tab on the top right and choosing "Domain Name & URL". You can view and modify your website URL directly in this view.

Connecting a custom domain

If you want to link a custom domain (i.e., you can go to the "Website" tab on the top right and go to "Connected domains". Please note this feature is only available for Pro and Business plan members.

If you still have questions, you can email us at or join our Discord to chat with the Jemi team and meet other Jemi users. 

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