Intro to blocks

Everything you need to know about Jemi blocks.
Written by Ann Hwang
Updated 10 months ago


Blocks are the types of content you can add to your website. Continue reading to see the different types of blocks.

Basic blocks

Text - Simple text you can use to describe yourself

Bio - A block with social links like IG, Twitter, etc. Here's an example

Link - Links to anything with custom background color

Image - Upload any image

Vertical space - Perfect if you want to add space between blocks

Follow form - Collect emails of followers. See followers in the followers tab or connect directly to Mailchimpimage


Music - Embed your music from Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, and more

Tweet - Embed tweets. Here's an example

TikTok - Embed your TikToks by copying and pasting the link

Video - Embed videos from Youtube, Twitch, and Vimeo.

Advanced blocks

Import links - If you're moving from Linktree, Beacons, or, you can copy and paste your URL to directly import all of your links

Card - Create completely custom cards with links, images, and text. Here's an example.

Post list - Display all of your posts in one place as a single block. You can create a post in the Blog tab.

Shop item list - Display your existing shop items all in one place. This will show up as a single block on your page.

Iframe embeds - Iframes are useful because they allow you to embed one webpage within your existing Jemi website. A lot of sites like Discord, Figma, etc. will give you custom iframe widgets that you can copy/paste directly into your website.

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